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What is the Start up Visa ?

Called the "Startup Visa", Fukuoka is the first japanese city that offers a visa for foreign entrepreneurs who want to launch their business in Japan.

In order to launch a business in Fukuoka, foreign entrepreneur had to apply to the Business Manager Visa which requires to:

- open a business branch and employ at least two permanent staff members


- have capital or investments exceeding 5 million JPY

However, the Startup visa allows now foreign entrepreneurs to receive a kind of 6 months Business Manager Visa without fulfilling above requirements (called the Start up Visa).


Until the "Start up Visa" expires (6 month), entrepreneurs will need to fulfil the usual Business Manager Visa requirements (hiring 2 permanents staff or having a capital exceeding 5 million JPY), so they could apply to a real Business manager visa and continue their business in Japan. 

Start up Visa requirements

Entrepreneurs will have to submit a business plan to the Fukuoka City that will determine the feasibility of meeting the standard Business Manager Visa requirements within the six-month Startup Visa timeframe.

The Start up visa goal is to give 6 month to entrepreneurs to establish their business and fulfil the Business Management requirements.

During this period, entrepreneurs are asked to rent an office and a residential accommodation as a part of the establishment.

Miyoshi Real Estate has been chosen by the Fukuoka City to corporate withe Start up Visa program and the Start Up Cafe. Miyoshi Real Estate could support foreign entrepreneurs for making both rental contracts. More information regarding type of contracts (short term, usual rental contract, offices...) are available on the Real Estate part of this website.

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