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Monthly contract are special rental contract, and very different with usual contract.

Usual Rental Contract (long term)

Duration : 2 years contract (min. 1year)

Contract fee :

- Keys/lock change

- Agency fee

- Guaranty company fee

- Fire insurance

- Deposit

- Owner Thank you money

- After moving cleaning fee

Contract Requirement :

- minimum 1 year visa

- japanese guarantor

- japanese bank account

- japanese cell phone

Included :

- no furniture

- no internet

- no gas, electricity, water

Monthly contracts

Duration : from 30 days to 1 year

Contract fee :

- no contract fee







Contract Requirement :

- only a copy of your passeport




Included :

furnitures (fridge, micro-wave, washing machine, bed, table...)

- internet


- electricity

- water

Monthly contracts are "all included" contracts. That means that once you've paid the rent, you don't have anything else to pay. Everything is included, so it make it easier for foreigners arriving to Japan, no unexpected costs.

We have recently created those contract for foreigners who come in Japan for short stay (japanese summer class, short term students exchange, tourism, internship, business training...). This is quite difficult to find an apartment for only few month, and with japanese usual rental contract, it is necessary to invest a lot (contract fee, furnitures, empty the room fee).

So in the case you are coming to Fukuoka for few month, we advise you those kind on monthly contracts.

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