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Rental Offices

Offices rental contracts are quite similar with usual residential contract.

Contracts are for 2 years, and extendable.

Usual requirements are:

- Japanese guarantor (not in Miyoshi Real Estate)

- Visa

- Deposit

As for usual rental contracts, it will be necessary to join a guaranty company.

The guaranty company will review the demand, and will determine if they give their agreement or not for the contract.

Once the guaranty company agreement received, the most difficult step is passed.

Miyoshi Real Estate coorporate with the Fukuoka City Start up programm, and japanese guarantor is not needed to make a contract.

A big difference with residential rental contracts is the price. An office and the asked deposit are higher compared to residential contracts.

There are a lot of diffrent types of what is called "office". In fact the most appropriate word would probably be "business space".

Depending of the kind of business a company is doing,  office's type requirements also vary (desk work type, clients receptions type, storage...).

Offices usually are not furnished, so the tenant will have to buy or rent furnitures before starting business.

It is also common that bathroom, toilet or water supply are shared with other offices of the same floor.

For any request, feel free to contact Miyoshi Real Estate, through this website, by phone call, or you also could visit agencies.



If you are interested in Office rental contract,

Please, fell free to contact us.

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