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Tojin Machi

NishiJIn area

Ohori area

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Tojin Machi (唐人町) subway station of the Kuko Line.

Direct access to Tenjin 5 min./3 stations, Hakata 11 min./6 stations.

Facilities : (monthly apartment Tsuji Biru, by walk)

・ Hotto Motto (Bentou supplier) : 9AM-11PM website   (0 min. by walk)

・ International Clinic Tojin Machi with bilingual services. website   (1min.)

 Convenient stores 24/7 (Seven Eleven, Family Mart, Lawson...) (3min.~)

 Reganet (Supermarket) : 9AM-10PM website   (7min.)

 Anytime Fitness : 24/7 website   (9min.)

 Don Quijote (Grosseries & households items) : 9AM-5AM website   (13min.)

 Sunny (Supermarket) : 24/7 website   (20min.)

Activities : (monthly apartment Tsuji Biru, by walk)

・ Ohori Park (7 min.) 

Built in 1929, Ohori is Fukuoka City's biggest park. The main walk of the park consists of a pleasant walk of two kilometers around a large pond.

There is several paths arounf the pound divided for walking, cycling, and jogging people. You will also find activities like pedalo, boat, fishing, and children playground...

 ¥     Free of charge, 24/7 open, website & maps

※ The Fukuoka Art Museum is currently closed due to renovation until march 2019.


・ Nishijin area (10-13 min.)

Restaurants : izakaya, okonomiyaki, yakitori, ramen, udon, indian, mexican, italian, french, familiy restaurants, mc donalds, saizeria...)

Shopping mall, Karaoke, Movie rental stores...

・ Baseball Stadium (10 min.)

Experience a japanese baseball game. You also could visit the stadium, or purchase some souvenirs of the Fukuoka Baseball team in the Hawks shop.



 Fukuoka city Museum (22 min.) website

 Fukuoka city Public Library (23 min.) website

・ Fukuoka Tower. The 3rd tallest tower of Japan, by day or by night, you could get a view of Fukuoka City from the Tower. From outside you also could admire the tower illumination changing with the season. (20 min.)


・ Beaches (Seaside Momochi Jigyohama : 15 min., Momochi Seaside Park 20 min.)

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