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Umbrella thieves!

The rainy season is back, and so umbrellas are!

I already wrote an article about the Rainy Season last year, so I would like to complete this article with an issue during the rainy season:

Umbrella thieves !

Japan is known as a safe country, with a very low percentage of criminality, but could we speak about recurrent umbrellas thievery !?

Some people would say it is just accident, an unfortunate mistake...

I clearly desagree.

At first I thought it was an accident, but it happened so many times that I can say it seems to be more or less volontary.

Sometimes your umbrella just desapeared, sometimes your umbrella has been replaced by a broken one. The kind of barter not really advantageous, because it is never the opposite, never someone will take your almost broken umbrella to give a brand new one, never. Everytime your umbrella desapeared, it was the good one you bought recently...

One of the reason why people mistakenly take your umbrella is because the majority of people own the same kind : they call it the "Vinyl Umbrella" sold in convenient stores.

White version, black version, with the more or less opaque vinyl, I admit it is easy to take the wrong one. But japanese people are so rigorous on everything, why not when it is about umbrellas...

After asking to a japanese colleague, she told me that for many people, they don't really care if someone took their vinyl umbrella. As long as it is "just" a vinyl umbrella, they kind of expect if to happen, so it seems "ok".

So if you are in Japan and your vinyl umbrella get robbed, don't be surprised, it something that happened here. I advise you to put a stickers with your name on your umbrella. Since I did that, my umbrella thievery has decreased...

In the case someone robbed your umbrella in a Miyoshi Real Estate agencies: Don't worry! They will give you a Miyoshi Real Estate Umbrella (same as on the picture).


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