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"Cool Biz" is back !

You are walking in the city and feel that a little something in everyone's outfit changed ?

That's alright! Cool Biz season is back!! Salarymen dropped ties of, and in the coming weeks, the jacket will probably follow!

You forget what was the Cool Biz ? 

Here is a quick recap:

The Cool Biz campaign promotes energy conservation in the workplace by urging people to dress lightly and casually and set their thermostats at 28 degrees (or about 82 °F) from June to September.

At first this campaign was for the Japanese government staff, but then it spreads to the private sector.

You also could read last year article about the "Cool Biz" just HERE.

Those days the weather is quite rainy, and until now, not too hot! But the hot season is coming, and people are going to turn on their air conditionner.

If you didn't used it for several month, your air conditionner could get some difficulties to get back to work! So the season of air conditioner troubles is also coming, and repairation compnaies will be busy.

So even if you do not feel the need to use it right now, check your air conditionner, so you could fix it faster if necessary.

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