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Garbage collect

Garbage collect in Fukuoka is separated in 3 types:

- burnable: twice a week

- unburnable: once a month

- glass and plastic bottles: once a month

You can buy garbage bags in convenient stores or in supermarkets.

Collect days vary regarding your address. You would better not forget you unbrunable or glass/plastic collect, or you will have to wait until the next month collect. But if you are not a super organized person, it is super easy to forget to threw the coresponding garbage on the accurate day.

I used to forget several my garbage collect days, and in the summer I advise you to do not keep your garbage too long if you don't want to be invaded by insects.

If you have a smartphone in Japan, you are probably using the application "Line".

I recommend you to add the Fukuoka City Line account:

LINE ID: @fukuokacity

There is a function for garbage days.

After informing your residence area, Fukuoka city will send you notifications to your Line account to remind you to put the accurate garbage out. This is in japanese, but even if you are not fluent, it will help you through your garbage at time.

This is really usefull !


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