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Fukuoka Start up Program

You could find more information regarding the Start up program here.

The start up program is dedicated to entrepreneurs who try to implant their companies in Fukuoka. Foreigners could also benefits from the program especially through the "Startup Visa" of 6 month they could received. As you know, getting a visa in Japan is not an easy thing, espacially if you do not have japanese family, or a local company ready to sponsor you.

Of course during those 6 month, entrepreneurs will have to reach some predetermined conditions sometimes difficult to reach in 6 month, but this is still a great chance given.

Some of my clients succeed, and are currently settled up in Japan. I would recommend this Startup program to people with a strong business plan, and who after a deep preparation are ready to launch their business.

To settle your company is probably not an easy thing in your own country, and of course not easier abroad, but Fukuoka City give you many tools through this program. Many councelers are present to follow you and answer to your questions for free.


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