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Companies Shrines

In every offices of my company, you could find a shrine.

Every morning, after washing properly his hands, an employee change the water offering to a fresh one, and every 1st and 15th of the month, he also change sake, rice, and salt offerings to new ones.

An interesting thing you may have noticed on the picture, is the "Kumo" (雲-Cloud) kanji positioned on the ceiling above the shrine. As our office is not on the top floor of the building and as there is probably other people on the up floors, they put a paper with "Cloud" written on, so except God, no one else is supposed to be above this shrine!

Shrines are from the Shinto religion, however that is not because there is a Shinto shrine that the company or employees are Shinto.

In my opinion Japanese people do not have the same relation with relgion as other cultures could have. Many people here don't believe in only one religion. If you ask people what is their religion, those same persons who answered you "none" visit nevertheless temples, or shrines through the year for diverse reason.

In a same life, a person could regulary go to shinto shrines, marry in a church, and have a Buddhist burial ceremony.

It is like if japanese people were not attached to only one religion, but used all benefits they could get from each of them, which is an interesting way of viewing religions.


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