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Dress Code in Japanese companies

Working in a japanese company impose a certain dress code, especially if you have a direct contact with customers.

The dress code might change according companies, however I will speak about the usual (little bit old style) japanese employees dress code.

When you enter in a company, I advise you to respect some basic rules. Eccentricity could be badly seen by the company and your superiors, but also by your colleagues.

So at first observe your colleagues' dress code, where are the limits, and if your company is quite open, good for you !

- Dark colors suits (black, dark grey, dark blue)

When you enter in the company, you don't have many choises regarding your suits colors, but with time you probably could get more freedom.

- A collared shirt.

In my company collar shirt are asking, and for mens, ties are also needed

- For women, in winter as in summer, you have to wear tights (which is very hot in summer!). Do not wear tights is considered as provovative and too sexy. You shouldn't show directly your legs skin.

- Black shoes, dark shoes.

For womens, not too high not to small heells shoes.

- Hair cut/colors are also controled.

Dark hair is asking. For foreigner people, if your hair color is blond or red, no problem as soon as this is natural. Regarding the hair cut for male, not too long, not too short.

- For mens, no beard, you should shave as much as possible.

- For womens, you sould wear make up, but not too extravagant. For nail pollish, natural colors are asking, like light pink, beige... (dark colors are not allowed).

In summer, some companies participate to the "Cool Biz season" which means: no ties, shorter shirts' sleeves, and possible to give up the jacket.


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