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Hina Festival・Girl's Day

Hina Matsuri (雛祭り) literally means "Doll's Festival". Celebrated on the 3rd of March, this day is also called the "Girl's Day".

At the child birth, if this is a girl, japanese families are used to buy a Dolls for the Hina Festival. Each girl has her own Dolls.

In February, parents of a daughter install Dolls inside the house on a red carpet until the 3rd of March, for the happiness and healthy growth of their girl. Those Dolls are supposed to protect girls, by taking in and confine bad things that could happened to the girl. Red color is also supposed to beat back bad fortune.

In the past, japanese people made paper dolls, and threw it to river, so dolls took far away with them bad fortune and sickness that might happened to the girl.

Current dolls are representing the Heian period Emperor, Empress, attendants, and musicians in traditional court. The total set is made of 5 or 7 stairs on which dolls are displayed. However recently, families don't have enough space and time to install this full set, so the most common is to put the Emperor/Empress couple (image of the daughter that will find a husband).

The 3rd of March, families spend time and eat near dolls with their daughters. Once the 3rd of March celebration is over, families have to remove Dolls as soon as possible, or it might bring bad omens to the girl (superstitions of a late marriage).


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