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Christmas in Japan

Fukuoka, Acros, 2016/12/12

In Japan, Christmas is not such an important day. A lot of people work on Christmas, and work as any usual day (not even a mood more joyful than usual). Some people come home, eat a cake and it is over.

When there are children in families, people celebrate Christmas. They make a special dinner, and give gifts to children. However, when children are growing, Christmas disappears with.

Christmas is currently becoming a commercial celebration, as Halloween is. Japanese people celebrate it more and more, however not for the “value of Christmas” or any religion link.

In Japan more than a family image, Christmas has an image of a Lovers Day. Many Japanese people spend Christmas with their boyfriend/girlfriend, go the restaurant, and offer gift to the loved one. This is a sort of valentine day in winter.

For Japanese people, the equivalent of our Christmas in family in Occident, is probably the New Year Eve that they spend with the family. They make a special dinner, eat it together, and chidlren receive money, Otoshidama(お年玉), from elders.

Whereas in my country, in Europe, (maybe in occident in general?) New Year Eve isn't so focused on the family but mostly on enjoying time with friends.


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