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This article is the first of this blog, so I will start by presenting me.

My name is H. and I recently began to work for the international department of Miyoshi Real Estate in Fukuoka.

I am european, born in the 90s.

Before coming to Japan, I have studied in a business school specialized in asian markets. This school's programm included 2 short term exchange with asian schools, in my case Japanese schools, and the last year, an internship in a company in order to validate the diploma.

So I did an internship in my current company, Miyoshi Real Estate, and came back to my country in order to graduate, after what I began to work here in Fukuoka for Miyoshi Real Estate.

I am currently working for the international department of Miyoshi. My work is divided in 2 parts, short-term accomodation for foreigners, and support other departments if needed, when they have to deal with foreign customers.

A lot of customers I meet arrive in Fukuoka without knowing anything about the system or the cost of renting an apartment in Japan.

I have also experienced some difficulties in the past, when I was looking for an apartment for 3 month in Fukuoka. I had no ideas of the cost it represents, and at that time, I didn't found serious explanations in english.

So I would like to provide those information on this website, in order that people could make them an idea of the cost it represents before coming to Japan, and so to prevent unpleasant surprise, to arrive serene to Fukuoka.

I hope you will enjoy this website, and that you will succeed in your project of coming to Fukuoka.


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