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How to read an appartment plan (madori・間取り)

① Entrance: This is a space where you should remove your shoes

② Shoes box: The size could vary but you will ususally find a shoes box in the entrance.

③ Bathtub: the bathtub and the shower are in the same all waterproof room

... in the following layout case, the waterproof bathroom is included the bathtub, the sink and the toilet in the same space

⑤ A special space is dedicated to install the washing machine.

*In some rooms this space could be on the balcony, which means that your waching machine will also be outside on the balcony.

*It is possible that no spaces are dedecated for waching machine, in this case you could install it home.

⑥ Space for the fridge: In Kitchen a space is dedicated for the fridge, however you could place it wherever you want. A Blue space is often written on the room plan, but in fact there is nothing, only an empty space, like on the following picture.

⑦ Japanese tatami room:

​⑧ Closet: Here is the plan for a Japanese style closet

⑨ Closet: Closet as draw on the number 9 are the following type closets.

⑩ Kitchen stove: Kitchen stoves could be included or not, there are several types

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