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Buy a property in Japan

Our Buying & Selling official website (in japanese)

Please feel free to check currently available properties in Fukuoka.

  • Why investing in Fukuoka ?

Thanks to its location, Fukuoka City is very attractive as the gateway of Asia, but also for other reasons as the price of living cheaper than in other big cities, the fact that Fukuoka has been selected as the National Strategic Zone for "global startups & job creation" by the Japanese government, and Fukuoka city is also the Japan’s youngest major city and has Japan’s fastest growing population.

Many reasons that announce a very promising future to the City !

  • Could foreigners buy properties in Japan ?

Yes, everyone could buy a japanese property. Visa or japanese nationality is not required.

However in order to buy a property you will have to come at least 1 time in Japan for the contract.

  • Needed documents to buy a property in Japan.

- Your passport

- A certification of your current address (宣誓供述書)

Everyone could buy a property in Japan, however the difficulty is regarding the funding.

If you could bring your own fund from abroad, the sale should be made without difficulties.

Usually, difficulties come when investors need to apply to japanese loans. As a foreigner, your chance to get a loan increase if you have the status of "permanent resident" of Japan. Of course it depends with banks, but without this permanent status, chances to receive a loan seriously decrease.

For people who do not have the permanet status, you still have chances to get a loan if you are a regular employee in Japan for more than 3 years in the same company. 

  • How to finance ?

  • The Sale

Once the property found, it could take around 1 week or 10 days for the fastest sales.

You could do main of the procedures from abroad, however, it will be necessary to come to Japan at least once in order to make the contract.

The contract is in all in Japanese and under the japanese law.

  • Which kind of apartment

For investment purpose, apartments with a resident inside are a security to receive immediately a monthly rent.

For residential purpose, it is important to focus research on a vacant apartment. In Japan, under usual rental contracts, the owner of an apartment couldn't ask to the occupant to leave, even if he just bought his property or wish to sell it. The occupant could stay as long as he wants.

  • Cost

Usually, we advise to count +10% of the property's initial amount for all the cost included (commission, tax, lawyer...).

  • Management

For owners living abroad, management cost to put a property for rent is 6% of the rent. You could find more information in the property management part.

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