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Fukuoka Prefecture (Fukuoka-ken/福岡県) is located on the Kyushu island, bordering Saga, Oita and Kumamoto prefecture. The two largest cities of Kyushu island are both in the Fukuoka prefecture : Fukuoka and Kitakyushu. The Fukuoka Prefecture's population reached 5,088,483 inhabitants (2013), the 9th most populated prefecture of Japan's 47 prefectures.

​The capital of Fukuoka Prefecture is Fukuoka City.

fukuoka wards map








1- Higashi-ku   (東区)

2- Hakata-ku   (博多区)

3- Chuo-ku   (中央区)

4- Minami-ku   (南区)

5- Jounan-ku   (城南区)

6- Nishi-ku   (西区)

7- Sawara-ku   (早良区)

Fukuoka City (Fukuoka-shi/福岡市) is the most populous city on the Kyushu island.

In 2015, Fukuoka became Japan’s 5th largest city. The population is estimated to 1,550,627 inhab (July/2016). Fukuoka is the Japan’s youngest major city and has Japan’s fastest growing population.

In 2014 Fukuoka has been selected as the National Strategic Zone for "global startups & job creation" by the Japanese government. Various services for startups are available (startup visa, tax reduction, free business consultations for startups...). Fukuoka city has the No.1 opening business rate in Japan.

Fukuoka asian gateway map

The Fukuoka City location is a strategic point. Going to Tokyo is as far as going abroad, to Shanghai, around only 1:30 hour flight for both.

Korean cities are aslo very accessible, by flight or by ferries. Fukuoka is close to many Asian cities, which  gives to the city the name of "the Gateway of Asia". For tourism as for business, Fukuoka is very attractive.

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