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Why is monthly contract price is different compared to usual contracts?

Many clients are looking for a monthly/short term apartments at a price of a 1 or 2 year usual apartments contract. When they discover the price of monthly apartments, they don't understand why there is such a difference.

Here is explanation of some reasons why monthly apartments couldn't be at the same price with usual long term apartments...

1※ Usual rental contracts are 1 or 2 years non stop duration. So the resident will stay and pay every month the rent to the owner (guaranty of 12 or 24 month rent).


For short term or monthly contract, there is inevitably vacancy period for several reasons (cleaning or preparation of the apartment between different residents, last and new residents schedule don't fit so room vacancy...).


During all those vacancies periods, the owner will not received rent, so of course, the monthly rent will be higher.

2※ If you have already moved in an apartment in Japan, you may know that the first contract fee to pay is very consequent (Keys/lock change, Agency fee, Guaranty company fee, Fire insurance, Deposit, Owner Key money, After moving cleaning fee...).

However, in monthly contract, you don't have to pay Contract fees ! ¥0! But of course everything is already included

3 In usual rental apartments, furnitures, internet, gas, electricity and water are not included. However in monthly apartment this is included in the price, and you don't have to deal with all those companies, our staff do it instead of you.

4※ Once you have paid your monthly rent, you don't have anything to worry about.


In monthly apartments, our staff deal with water, electricitiy, gas, internet, furnitures companies instead of you. Once the rent paid, you don't have to check and pay your bills to those different companies.

A person living in a usual apartment have to deal by himself with all those japanese companies.

5※ The charge of work. A monthly apartment and an usual contract apartment don't represent the same charge of work. You have to add to the above all included support, all the contracts and administrative work that ahort term apartments involve.


To conclude, monthly apartments and usual long term apartments are not the same products and don't include the same services, so it is difficult to compare prices.

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