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Vacant House support service

Miyoshi Real Estate presents you services to manage vacant homes.


Relocation, hospitalization, rehabilitation, inheritance...

So many reasons that could suddenly happened. 

Miyoshi Real Estate will provide an optimum service to those who need help.

What is "Vacant house support service ?​

Detached house:




Aeration /


Leakage check

Neighborhood information

Water flow

Maintenance check

Garden & vegetation check


Ventilation (about 60 minutes)

Ventilation of all rooms(including closet/ storage), change air.


From the indoor side, check the symptoms of leakage (such as spots & stains).


Simple sweeping inside the building.

Maintenance check

Report of the house conditions such as painting, exterior wall, wood part and iron part.

Garden & vegetation check

Confirmation of the necessity of pruning or disinfection.
If requested, possible to estimate separately.

Water Flow

Open the faucet for about 60 seconds to prevent adhesion of rust, water drainage trap (odor prevention part).

Neighborhood information

Report the neighbor information obtained during patrol time.

Option services

□  Garden weeding /pruning
□  Termite control

□  Dismantling

□  House cleaning
□  Reform

□  Sale assessment
□  Removal of unnecessary items
□  Fire insurance
□  Rental Assessment

※ Optional services will be quoted separately. Please inquire for more details.

Why using vacant house support services ?​

・ An example of a house whose neglected state is continuing.
It is covered with grass and the crawl extends to the second floor.
Weeding work becomes serious.

・ Household goods and home appliances may rust due to moisture like mildew as well.

・ With no use, strong odors from drainage groove of the bath and toilet will be generated.

・ Higher risk of burglary & squatters: a vacant house with grass grows and the spider webs are tightly stretched over the eaves and the clothespins won't let any doubt.

When using vacant house support services ?​

・ Sudden hospitalization, when people need to leave the house for a while (ex: surgery...).

・ Long-term rehabilitation at a nursing-age elderly facility.

・ Relocation in another city, but do not want to lend the house.

・ House acquired from inheritance, but don't know yet how to use it.

・ Foreign owners who want to live occasionally in their house.

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