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Rainy Season (Tsuyu・梅雨)

This year, the rainy season started the 6th of June in Fukuoka and should end in half of July. The rainy season genarates heavy rainfall, and the air is more humid than usual.

Many people use their airconditioner in "Dry mode" to dehumidify the air in offices or apartments.

When using the dry mode (ドライ機能), the air conditionner made top priority on lowering the humidity in the air of the room. It performs a weak cooling operation until the humidity reaches the target value.

During the rainy season, dehumidify will reduce moisture and discomfort.

As you probably did not use your airconditioner for several month, the Rainy season is a good period to check breakdone with your air conditioner before temperatues increased seriously. Every year, some people check their airconditionner once the summer starts, and when there is a problem, repair companies are overbooked, and it could take time before they could fix it.

Once the rainy season ends, temperatures increase, so it is very important to drink a lot to do not dehydrate!


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