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Property management

Managing around 30,300 properties (2015),

Miyoshi Real Estate is the Kyushu Number 1 management company.


  • What is Property Management? and why using it?

  1. Advice owners : which type of contracts, rent market, legal rights and obligation as a landlord…

  2. Find a tenant : advertising through a variety of channels, bring potential tenant to visit the room, make contracts, prepare the room…

  3. Paperworks, accounting : contract renewal/cancellation, renovation/repair, payments... 

  4. Answer to tenants questions or solve problems : repair, neighboor troubles...

  5. Communication with residents : make the rules respected, collect the rent…

  • For owners who live abroad



In Fukuoka, real estate companies that accept to manage properties of owners who live abroad are still few in number. Before investing in a property, this is important to think about how to manage the property.

Some Real Estate companies will send to foreigner client a property without assuming or even warning them about the difficulty that it could be to find a property management company for non-residents.

In our company, property management is a special service reserved to owners who have bought properties through Miyoshi Real Estate. Having a Japanese bank account is necessary.

After receiving the rent from the tenant, the management company will send it to the owner's japanese bank account.

If any expenses of the owner's charge are necessary, the management company will firstly pay the amount, and then deduct it from the rent, and transfer the rest to the owner's bank account.

  • The "Patrol Service", what is it ?


This management service is usually used for second house properties, or for properties that owners use only few times a year or less.

Everymonth, someone will come to the property and will:

  1. Ventilate the room

  2. Water circulation  : flow water in order to avoid stagnant water and odors

  3. Check Piping/Plumbing : not using water for a long time isn't good for pipes and plumbing 

  4. Post/Mail-box service : throw advertisements papers (in order to avoid mailbox overflow), keep your letters・mails 

  5. Light cleaning : make a soft cleaning of the room

  6. Rain leak check 

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