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Few things you should better know before you move in.

1) Open water, electricity, gas:

Water, electricity and gas are not linked with real estate companies but are diffrent companies, so the resident has to open it by himself.

You could do it through a phone call. The best way is to call before the move in date in order to have electricity and water from the first day.

Water and electricity companies will ask you :

- your name

- the address and the building name/room number

- from when would you like to open water/electricity

Regarding the gas, you also could open it by a phone call, however someone from the gas company will need to come to set and/or check the installation.

So you have to take an apointment by phone for asking someone to come the first day of the contract, and inform hours you could wait for the person.


Please note that gas is often necessary for hot water.

The Real Estate company could give you phone numbers of electricity, water and gas companies, so don't forget to ask for those numbers if you would like to call in advance.

2) No furnitures :

In usual Japanese rental apartments, furnitures are not included.

That's mean no fridge or no wasing machine. Sometimes even the kitchen stoves are not included.


In 1R, 1K and usually 1LDK, 1 air conditionner is included. However, in the case there is no or not enough air conditioner for you, you will have to buy it by yourself, and will also have to ask a company for the set it. 

It is better to confirm with the real estate company what is included or not before doing the contract.

In Fukuoka, this is usual that the lightbulbs are not furnished, so it is better to check it when you visit the apartment, and so bring it for the move in day if necessary.

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