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Rental Space

Urban Space

Yakuin Station South 


ACCESS Route detailed explanation


Take the South Gate of the Nishitetsu Yakuin sation.


There is Reganet supermarket. Take the street on the right of the Reganet.


Walk on this street until the intersection(④)

Turn on the right.


There is an intersection before the river. Turn to the left...

...and follow the river.

You will find another intersection. Keep straight ahead, following the river.

Keep going straight ahead.

You are almost arrived.


You arrived !!

Coin Parking Access details

Urban Space

Yakuin Sta. South

Office  Opening Hours

Mon. - Sat. : 9am - 17pm
​Sun. & Japanese National Holiday : Closed



If you are interested in rental space,
Feel free to inquire.

Services available in english, japanese, chinese & french.

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