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Notice of summer holidays

We will be closed from 10th August to 15th August due to the consecutive national holidays as the summer Holidays.

Inquiries to our website during the summer vacations will be handled after the vacations. 
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience.

We want to help you by being
your best partner


The city of Fukuoka has had active partnerships with foreign countries for many years and continues to grow as a hub city in Asia. Increasing interactions with people from various countries will likely lead to many people moving to Fukuoka to live. In this context, we believe that the active distribution of real estate will brighten our future. Miyoshi Real Estate continues to follow our dream of developing our place of origin, Fukuoka, by welcoming people from other Asian countries. We aim to provide people who move to Fukuoka from foreign countries a happy life and to continue to take on the challenging task of contributing to Asia’s development from Fukuoka.


  Our Service


Rental Management

Miyoshi Real Estate originated as a rental management company.

Miyoshi Real Estate indeed started as a real estate management company. We provide important rental management services, including 24-h tenant support, lease renewals and settlement, rent collection, and rent delinquency reminders. We also try to increase the commercial value of properties by proactively proposing regular patrols; regular cleaning, maintenance, and large-scale repairs; and measures to fill vacancies.

Miyoshi Real Estate’s Management Services


We support real estate leasing management by recruiting tenants, responding to service requests, providing rent collection services, negotiating settlements with tenants moving out at the end of their lease, etc. We recommend our services to owners who have Japanese bank accounts and experience in real estate investment.

Master lease management

(*Rent No-Guarantee)


In addition to our general rental management services, we also provide the optimal management plan for property owners abroad who have concerns about the appointment of tax administrators, condominium management association activities, taxes, reservations for repairs, overseas rent remittance, etc.

Second Home Management


We also support people who own real estate as a second home or holiday house. Specifically, we patrol the properties that are vacant for long periods to ensure there are no problems (e.g., ventilation and water flow), while also collecting the mail from the post box monthly.

The Benefit

Benefits of Miyoshi Real Estate’s Management

We reduce the work
required by propertyowners.

Owners can decrease the amount of time spent on property management by letting Miyoshi Real Estate take care of the complicated work.

Comprehensive support

Japanese laws and tax systems are complex, making them difficult for foreign property owners to navigate. Miyoshi Real Estate provides comprehensive support with an ideal system.

Sales Brokerage

We can help you sell and purchase real estate to match your life plan.

Miyoshi Real Estate ensures the most advantageous and secure buying and selling of properties because of our extensive experience in analyzing the abundant available information. We address your needs regarding the buying and selling of real estate, including used condominiums, according to our know-how and experience accumulated over time.

Our support in assessing the wealth of available information will enable you to rapidly purchase land, a house, an apartment, or an investment or business property. Some of our real estate appraisers or rental real estate management managers are from overseas. We hold overseas investment seminars in various countries, mainly in Asia, which are generally well received and useful. We propose the best sales plan and provide the optimal support for individuals and corporations. By conducting property valuations, purchaser searches, and various other sales-related activities involving our network, we will help you make deals quickly and securely.

Miyoshi Real Estate


We offer multilingual support.


Some of our foreign employees are real estate appraisers.


Some of our foreign employees are rental real estate managers.


The properties we manage have an occupancy rate exceeding 97%.


We manage more than 44,000 houses and apartments.


We are a trusted company with a proven track record since 1951.


We have 15 rental brokerage offices and an overseas contact office that provide thorough support.


We offer concierge services.


We provide support for emigration and the establishment of corporations.


We have relationships with more than 6,000 corporations.

Strength & Results


Rental Brokerage

1,000 locations in Tokyo.

・Safe and secure properties
・Easy to move into
・Hassle-free contracting process
・Help by your side through the entire process

"I can't speak Japanese well."
"I'm worried because the contract process for the room is complicated."
"I don't know where to live in Tokyo."

Please consult with me about anything.
We will support your first life in Japan.

Rental Brokerage

We can help you find the property that best matches your needs.

We manage many properties, such as personal residences and company housing, as well as tenants. Our mission is to fill vacancies at the properties we are entrusted with. Our offices, which are distributed throughout Fukuoka, will help you find an appropriate property by carefully considering your living requirements. Fukuoka is a city that attracts business people from all over the country. We are familiar with this city and can optimize your living conditions in Fukuoka.

Fukuoka has the highest business start-up rate among ordinance-designated cities and the 23 wards of Tokyo. We introduce business owners and tenants to the most suitable properties. Our strategies are specific for each client, leading to optimal matches between properties and clients. We also have a partnership with Japanese language schools in Fukuoka. Approximately 10% of our leases are with people from overseas. We provide comprehensive support before, during, and after moving in. Furthermore, we provide the relevant tenant information to those who are considering starting a business in Fukuoka.


International  Business Division Results

We have 18 foreign employees.


Eleven real estate appraisers are among the foreign employees.


We manage approximately 1,200 houses and apartments in which foreigners live.


We take care of approximately 600 houses and apartments managed by owners abroad.

Company Profile

Company name

Miyoshi Real Estate Co., Ltd.


1-1-1 Imagawa, Chuo-ward, Fukuoka 810-0054, Japan


July 3, 1951

Number of employees

571 employees (15 from overseas) (as of October 2023)

Number of rental management units

44,743 units (as of October 2023)


Headquarters/ Headquarters Annex/ Tenjin main office/ Tenjin office/ Company housing sales office/ Yoshizuka branch/ Tokyo branch/ Kumamoto branch/ Hong Kong contact office

[Rental offices]

Tojin office/ Tenjin office/ Tenjin-nishi-dori office/ Hakata-eki-mae office/ Hakata-eki-Chikushiguchi office/ Yoshizuka office/ Kashii office/ Ohashi office/ Meinohama-eki-kitaguchi office/ Befu office/ Nishijin office/ Kyuudaigakkentoshi Station office/ Kasugabaru office/ kyushudaigakumae office/ office

Registered licenses

Real estate transaction business operator from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (3) No. 7912

Property management agency from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (2) No. 003458

Type II financial instruments business operator from the Director-General of the Fukuoka Local Finance Branch Bureau No. 35

Financial instrument broker from the Director-General of the Fukuoka Local Finance Branch Bureau No. 43


(Public corporation) Fukuoka Real Estate Transaction Association

(Public corporation) National Association For Real Estate Transaction Guarantee (General incorporated association) Kyushu Real Estate Fair Trade Council

(Public interest incorporated foundation) Japan Property Management Association

(Public corporation) Japan Rental Housing Owners Association

(General incorporated association) Japan Rental Real Estate Management Association

Japan Rental Management Business Association NPO Kyushu Periodic Land and Building Lease Right Promotion Institution

(General incorporated association) Type II Financial Instruments Firms Association

Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce & Industry

(Public corporation) Central Fukuoka Corporation Association

Titles held by foreign employees

Residential land and building transaction chief Rental real estate business manager Certified Property Manager Inheritance support consultant

Available languages

Japanese/ English/ Chinese/ Korean/ Vietnamese/ Nepali


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Miyoshi Real Estate Co.,Ltd.

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